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Fridays in the Forest - HomeSchool Ages 7-9 Program
HomeSchool Program (Ages 7-9) Join us for this fun Friday homeschool series as we learn about our feathered forest friends. This program is geared toward homeschool students ages 7-9. Parents are welcome to drop their registered child(ren) off and, if you have other students outside of this age range, we invite you to take a winter forest hike with them while we work on filling our brains with fun bird facts! This is a 3 part series, with an additional week blocked off in case of snow. Listed below are the dates, times, and topics for each week. While it is not required that your student attend all 3 weeks, we highly recommend it! This is our specialized bird curriculum and each week we will build on the information and themes that we learned about in previous weeks. Standards concepts that we will be addressing during this 3 weeks series: adaptations, classification of animals, patterns found in physical characteristics, survival of organisms, migration, habitats, land stewardship This program will take place both inside and outside. Please make sure all students are dressed appropriately to spend time outside each week. **Registration is required for ALL participants. Spaces are limited. There is a $5 fee for each class attended to pay for materials and special student take-home items. The fee should be paid at student drop-off on the morning of each class.** Register by clicking the green button in the upper righthand corner. Please make sure you register for all dates that your student plans on attending. *This program will only be cancelled in case of severe inclement weather. Please check your email to receive any cancellation updates. Participants should meet at McConnell Hall. Week 1 Jan 7th (10-11:30a) Bird Adaptations Week 2 Jan 14th (10-11:30a) Bird ID Week 3 Jan 21st (10-11:30a) Habitats and Migration Week 4 Jan 28th (10-11:30a) Snow Date* only if we need to push back a week due to a snow cancellation earlier in the series. Questions? Contact Rebekah at
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