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Family Science Outside: Bird Engineering
Family Science Outside: Bird Engineering brings at-home learners and their grown-ups into the living lab of the great outdoors to explore the amazing engineering talents and design of birds. From nest building, to beaks, to feathers, to egg shapes, there’s amazing engineering involved. This experience includes: an in-person or virtual introduction from Jennings staff, an investigation guide to complete together as a family/pod containing activities for exploring bird engineering, and a loaner kit with all the needed materials for the activities. When? Sunday, May 2, 2021 OR Tuesday – Thursday, May 4-6, 2021 Time slots are available for one family group or “pod” at a time (max 12 people/group) for every half hour (Sunday) or hour (Tues-Thurs) from 9 - 2 Who? Especially meant for families with children in grades 2-6, but siblings welcome. How? Registration is required by April 30th by clicking the register button or by calling 724-794-6011. When registering, register one responsible adult, and provide names for all other participants and include ages for children in the “Additional Info We Should Know” section. We’ll email a link to the virtual introduction and an electronic copy of the guide at least a day in advance of your scheduled time. Upon arrival, you’ll check out the loaner kit and receive the printed guide (if desired), then complete the activities together in designated areas of the park. The following COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place: Masks and social distanceing are required for all staff and participants during in-person introductions. Virtual introduction can be arranged.Pick up and return of equipment is no-contact outdoors.All materials will be thoroughly sanitized. Everyone should practice thorough and frequent hand washing and sanitizing.We ask participants to stay home if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or is experiencing symptoms.Anyone entering the building (not required) for any purpose must wear a mask.Waiver and contact info required for participants. Investigation guides are available to print at home.NOTE: All programs are subject to change If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit. With at least three days notice, interpreters for people who are deaf or heard of hearing are available for educational programs.
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