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Growing Up WILD: Training for At-Home Teaching
Have recent events added "school teacher" to your résumé? Maybe you decided to homeschool for this school year... or maybe the school district decided for you. Perhaps your students are attending in person for less hours or some hybrid of screen and school learning and you are looking to expand their learning at home. Whatever the case, if you suddenly find yourself looking for a crash course in hands on, outdoor education for students ages 3-7, this workshop is for you! Join Nolde Forest education staff for this workshop designed for novice (and seasoned!) homeschool parents, scout leaders, pre-school teachers, and "pre-service" teachers (those working towards their teaching certification). We will go over the early childhood curriculum Growing Up WILD, model lessons and activities, and explain how to scale up activities for those who are teaching a variety of ages at home. Educators will also explain some tips and tricks for outdoor learning right in your own back yard (as well as your local parks). This FREE workshop will focus on those teaching children aged 3-7 and all participants will leave the workshop with a copy of the Growing Up WILD curriculum book to keep. Masks and registration are required. Program will happen outdoors, rain or shine, to allow for social distancing so please dress for the weather. Act 48 credit will be provided upon request.
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